About Me

Hello, I am thrilled to have you reading my blog!

My name is Allie Harrison. I am a Christian, a Wife to the most wonderful man on this planet, a mother to two amazing little boys, and an owner of three businesses (yes, THREE).


My husband, Allen, and I have been best friends 8 years and married for 5 of those 8 years! We met in high school and were married right after graduating. We have gone through college together and now, in our early twenties, have two wonderful little boys, Rawling who is 2 and Cooper who is 5 months old! These two boys are the meaning behind my blog title, I am always telling them that I love them “a bushel and a peck”, so “Bushel + Peck” was born. I am beyond thrilled!


I run three businesses from home, Allie Harrison Photography, Heaven’s to Betsy Boutique, and I am Scentsy Girl! It’s crazy running three businesses, but it gives me the flexibility to be more available to my precious family!

My life is crazy, chaotic, fun, full of happiness, and just so amazing. I am truly blessed and plan to share both my craziness and my blessings with you through my blog.

But first, I want to hear from you! Leave a brief bio in the comments!

Allie Harrison


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