Interruptions in Life

I am a Work From Home Mom, as many of you know. I run three businesses, am married, and have two little boys. With that comes a lot of interruptions in life, and I gladly welcome the interruptions! But let’s face it, interruptions throw us off, get us jumbled, and can be frustrating at first! That’s only because moms plan out every little detail of life. You may be saying “Oh I don’t do that” but girl, you do! We plan without realizing we’re planning, and when a surprise comes along and interrupts our plans, we freak!

What are interruptions in life?

You may be asking at this point “What on earth is she talking about?”. Well, interruptions can be anything that interrupt you daily plan.


For me a big interruption, is when my oldest is home sick from preschool. When he’s sick he NEEDS all the snuggles he can get, but this interrupts my plans of working for the day! He goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so when I schedule out my week, I schedule work tasks for those days! But when he misses school, I just embrace the interruption of having him home and we snuggle all day!

One Day School Holidays

Other interruptions are school holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, fall break, etc., those are typically just one day off, but it means I can’t work. The school is closed for that holiday but all my back ups are working! So I take off! I enjoy it and if I remember the holiday I have planned ahead! If I have forgotten it, I scramble the night before to have all my shop orders done, scramble to get photos edited and out to clients, and get all my Scentsy content saved to my phone for mobile posting the next day!

Husbands Being Off Work

This is an iffy one! Because most of the time if my husband is off I have planned it! (Which reminds me, I need to get our summer vacation on the books!) But there are times when I don’t have it planned and it’s out our control!

Sick Day

This is probably the hardest! Because when my husband is sick he needs my care just as much as my children! So I usually end up taking care of my husband and boys, plus try not to spread the sickness to anyone but my husband! So if my husband is sick I get nothing done, because I’m too busy disinfecting with my Seventh Generation spray! (Which is coming in handy today!)

Random Day Off

This one throws me off big time! If it’s a day when both boys are home, this is glorious and means I get an extra few hours of work! If it’s a day when the oldest is in preschool, my husband gets bored quickly and is pestering me while I try to carry out my everyday tasks! I act annoyed by this, but really I love every second it!


This one is a tough one! We get visitors often and most of the time I have that day planned out in advance! But sometimes someone asks to come by and I forget to plan that out, so that visit becomes an interruption, but a welcomed one. Who doesn’t love visiting with those you love?


These are the hardest for me to embrace. I think thats true for everyone really! For me BIG interruptions could be death, severe/terminal illness in loved ones, anxiety/depression in myself and those around me, timing. For some of you it may be finances, hardships in relationships, lack of relationships, and so much more.

These are all things that delay our life plans longer than intended! But thats ok, God has it under control!

Embracing Interruptions

Through five years of marriage and two years as a mom, I have learned to just embrace these interruptions, and enjoy life! Yes, I still frustrated when my plans are broken, but only GOD knows my true plans and the interruptions are apart of his plan! So Embrace life and remember there is a reason for even the smallest of life’s interruptions!

I am curious to know, what are some of your interruptions? Is it easy for to embrace them? Leave your answers in the comments!




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