Work From Home Life

I have gotten asked a lot lately, “How do you work from home successfully?”. The Answer, I don’t.

I’m not successful… But I am SO close! I will always be SO close to success, because in my eyes success means there’s nothing more to learn, and I was taught that there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

What I can tell you is, it is possible! I know it’s possible because I see it everyday! I have successful work-from-home friends who work Direct Sales, Online Boutiques, and Photography. I was just crazy enough to do all three! So it’s taking me a little longer to make each one successful. What each of my friends in all these areas will tell you is, it takes HARD work, sacrifice, consistency, motivation, and faith!

Hard Work

I work hard every day to improve my businesses. I spend a lot of hours in my office, and I’m constantly pushing myself to do better than the last month. I have to teach myself how to use new programs, techniques, and resources. I get really frustrated and break down, but I put my self back together and work even harder.

If you do not truly put as much energy as possible into your business you will fail really quickly. I know this because I have been there TWICE. I am a Scentsy Girl and working really hard to be successful, but this is my THIRD try with Scentsy, I have worked for them twice in the past and failed big time! I came back for a third try, but this time I was willing to put every bit of energy I have left into it! I’m learning so much everyday. I will continue to learn and grow everyday, and will continue to learn and grow until I die! And I am thrilled to see what opportunities this path brings me (hopefully an incentive trip to CANCUN!)


It takes a lot of sacrifice. I sacrifice sleep, lots of sleep. I have two little boys and I give them more of my attention during the day and while they sleep I work my tail off.

I also sacrifice little things like leaving work at work. Work is at home, on my phone, and on my computer. No matter what I do Work is always there. But I’ll take it any day over working a job where I am not in control of my hours, the products, the communication with all customers, etc.. I like to be in control of every aspect of each business. So I’ll make that sacrifice.

I also sacrifice steady income. Luckily for me, I run three businesses and it seems to workout that the slow months for one are the busy months for another! But the income for each still varies!


This one is HUGE! You must be consistent in your communication, consistently booking parties (or photoshoots or making sales), consistently putting out ads and business info, consistently reaching out to past clients and letting them know of specials or sales, the list goes on!

If you are not consistent your sales and income will drop big time and if you do not get back to being consistent quickly your business will die quickly! Consistency helps keeps your dream alive!


This is probably one of the biggest, most important factor. If you’re not motivated you will fail!

If you think see someone making shirts, selling Scentsy, selling skin care products and think “Oh! That will make me money quick!” No it won’t! You have to be truly motivated to do something! You need to be passionate and driven!

Motivation is what gets you started and keeps you going! You can start with all the motivation in the world and then one day you lose sight of the big picture and “POOF” that motivation is gone and so is the dream!

You must be able to look at your family and think “I WANT this for them!” Or look at yourself in the mirror and truly feel the power of motivation within you! Then you use that motivation EVERYDAY to achieve your dream!


This is probably the next biggest, most important factor.

You must have faith in the business you’re working hard to create, otherwise you will struggle to keep it afloat.

You will need to have faith in yourself through the whole process. If you do not have faith that you can be successful your business will reflect that.

I am still learning so much. Everyday I learn something new, and I hope you find something you can takeaway from.

Leave your takeaways or things you have learned from working from home in the comments!



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