Embrace The Mess

I wrote earlier about embracing the interruptions that come with each season of life. After that so much has ran through my mind and I felt compelled to write more on Embracing all the beautiful things that come with living life.

See every January I try to set a word to live by the rest of the year, 2018’s word was “Consistency”, I say it “was” because after writing my post on Embracing the Interruptions of life, the word “Embrace” has flew through my thoughts about 500 times. I feel this is truly meant to be my word to live by this year.

Today “Embrace” popped into my head about 50 times, maybe more, while I found myself cleaning house. One child was off farming with his Pappy, and the other was napping, so I had a lot about 2 hours max of uninterrupted cleaning planned. The whole two hours I kept kicking myself and beating myself up for letting the household chores fall behind. About 30 minutes in, I was cleaning my two year old’s play area, his little table was covered with crayons, stickers, and paper monsters, and while looking at his little mess, I thought back to how instead of cleaning, I was making this mess with him. I was pushing aside the chores everyone expects a mom to do, so that I could make a memory with my beautiful two year old.

See, as many of you moms know, babies grow, they grow right before our eyes, and it hurts. It hurts so bad, so maybe to help them growing up not hurt so much, maybe I should spend less time worrying about the house and more time EMBRACING their little messes, and start making the messes with them more often.

Not, long after this my five month old woke up early from his nap and instead of putting him on the floor with toys, or in his activity center, I stopped cleaning and played with him and sang to him. Because before I know it my precious 5 month old will be 2 years old, and would rather spend the day out at Pappy’s farm than home making messes with momma.

To all you momma’s out there, Embrace the mess, make the memories, watch that Disney movie, just don’t choose household chores over your babies. Tomorrow I will clean until after I pick my 2 year old baby up from school, then we will come home and make the biggest mess we can make, and when he goes to bed I will clean up the dishes, sweep the floor, but I will leave his little play area a mess to remind me the next day to EMBRACE life with my family.

What is your word for the year and why did you choose it? Also, How do you Embrace life with your family? Leave your answers in the comments below!




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