Life Got Cray Cray Crazy

Hey Y’all! I have been NON-EXISTENT for a LONG time! So sorry! But here’s a little bit about my life lately!

First of all my sweet Crue is going to be ONE year old in less than two months! It is crazy how much faster the second one grows! Rawling is two and half and crazier than ever! I am slowly closing my boutique and putting all my focus in my Photography, Scentsy, and starting a career outside of home.


I graduate August 11th, with my Public Relations degree, and with graduation approaching, I am super pumped to start a career. I always wanted to stay home but something about being home for a year has given new found motivation to grow and thrive in the corporate world! I have spent the last few months doing homework, projects, and a mini internship, which is why I have been M.I.A.!


But I am back and ready to get my blog up running again! So comment below what you want to hear from me and what all you have been up to!



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