My Must Have Baby Items

I have seen several people asking what all a baby needs, so I thought I would make a list of what my husband and I find most helpful. These are in no particular order, and there is so much more we also love, but these take the cake!

Rock ‘n Play

Rock N Play
Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

This is seriously a lifesaver. Without this our second child never would have slept, he had reflux (BAD Reflux) and the incline of this was perfect for keeping him elevated while he was sleeping. I love it most because I can nap on the couch with him right next to me in this! It can also sit next to your bed, and breaks down easily when traveling.

Pack ‘n Play

Graco® Pack ‘n Play Quick Connect Portable Bouncer with Bassinet

The Pack ‘n Play was great for us with our first and second. They have changed a little since we bought ours in 2015 but still very much the same and just as useful. We traveled more with our oldest and he was too big for our Rock ‘n Play, so this was great! I really like this because you can put it next to your bed when they are still small enough for the raised bed portion and they will be right within arms reach. Then when they are in the lower portion, you can keep it in your room within eye sight.


MAM Self Sanitizing Bottles

These are great time savers. They self sanitize in the microwave in a few simple steps and with a little water. They are super easy to clean, and a plus, they are anti-colic bottles as well. These also make a great gift item.

MAM Bottles
MAM Baby Bottle Gift Set Clear, 9ct

Fisher Price Sit Me Up With Tray

This is great for when you travel to someones house who may not have a high chair. It folds up so easy, and takes up little to no space. I used this more for my second than my first, even at home! It makes snack and lunch time a breeze!

sitmeup with tray
 Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray


Infantino Gather Practical Wrap & Buckle Carrier

This has been the best Carrier I have ever used! I never found one I loved with my oldest, so when my second came I was looking into the more expensive carriers like Tula, but I did not want to pay that price! So I ordered this one on Target, and have loved it from day 1! Its temporarily out of stock at Target, but the Infantino site can help you find the perfect retailer for you!

Seventh Generation Products

Seriously, I swear by any and all Seventh Generation Products! We use their Cleaners, Diapers, Wipes, Detergents, hand-soaps, wipes for babies and counters, disinfecting spray, and so much more! They are the best and safest products out there!

Be sure and join #GenerationGood you won’t regret it!

Seventh Generation Products


I would love to know what products you use daily! Drop them in the comments below!

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