Busyness and Chaos

Well life got me. I have preached, and preached on embracing all things life throws at you and I did not do that! But I am back and rebuilding myself! I’m so excited for what 2019 has in store, and I’m starting right! I’m starting the Sweat 12 week Challenge January 14th, and I am soooo excited about that! I do yoga through the Sweat App but they have many other options if you need to start out the new year with some changes as well!

It will definitely be a challenge! Since having Crue almost a year and a half ago I haven’t been able to put my health first, but since partnering with Sweat it’s been much easier! Although, the toddlers climbing on me make it hard!

Im hoping with doing this 12 week challenge, comes better routine!

Routine has not been my family’s strong suite this past half year! I’m working full time as a photographer and a teachers aide, and my husband is on nights now at a better company! But gosh, we let the chaos and business get to us and now we are playing catch up, and I do not like it!

Ours and our boys routines have been jumbled and crazy but we’ve kept them happy amidst the chaos and that’s what matters most!

When you and your family fall behind what do you find helps you get back in routine best?

Leave your answers in the comments!


Link to the Sweat challenge:


Download the Sweat App and join me in the Sweat 12 Week Challenge!

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