Just say NO, it’s OKAY!

If you are like me, you probably find yourself saying “Yes” to every small or large favor that comes your way.

I have just always been so willing to help anyone and everyone, it’s my greatest strength but it’s also my greatest weakness. I will say yes to someone, even when I fully know doing that favor will over fill my plate and stress me out just enough that I feel like I’m at my breaking point.


So I have simply just started saying, NO. It kills me, makes me sick, and I regret it, until the point I realize that that added favor would have pushed me over the edge.

I have felt much better, and with each moment of saying no, I feel more and more free. Don’t get me wrong I still say yes, BUT, only whenI have time to give and when it will not push me over the edge. I have the right to minimize my stress, and so do you. We all deserve to a little less stress in our lives if it’s possible. And if saying NO more can minimize your stress, why not start saying it more?

We do not have to stress to the point of breaking over pleasing other people, we just don’t. Turn down those requests for your help, and start saying YES to yourself. Do yourself some favors, make life easier on YOU and maybe, just maybe, it’s time YOU start asking for help!

You don’t have to always be there for everyone, let everyone be there for you from time to time! Take time for yourself, delegate some duties and tasks to others, and when you feel like life isn’t as stressful and you can handle a few more tasks, then, then you start saying yes to others!

But untill then, Girl, JUST SAY NO!


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